Extension of the 5th International Certificate from IMQ Company of Italy by Shimibaft co

After having completed two audits in August and February this year,¬† Shimibaft Company obtained and renewed 5 international certificates from IMQ Italy. According to the Public […]

Holding the Specialist Health, Safety, and Environment Exhibition at Textile Shimibaft Company

The first private interior health, safety, and environmental institute (HSE) of the shimibaft Petrochemical Institute was held on November 29th and 30th at the Concert Hall […]

Rafinat1 Feed Shimibaft Petrochemical from Jam Petrochemical

Managing director of Shimibaft Petrochemical¬† from the beginning of receiving feed from Rafinat 1 from Jam Petrochemical Co. announced. According to the Public Relations Department of […]

Appointment of Head of Planning and Development Department of Shimibaft Petrochemical

Managing Director of Shimibaft Petrochemical Co., appointed Ms. Mojdeh Najarzadeh as the head of the Petrochemical Planning and Development Management Unit of the company. According to […]

Appointment of the new head of the HSE unit of the Shimibaft Company

During a decree by the managing director of , Asghar Amiri was appointed as the head of the HSE unit of Shimibaft Company. According to Public […]