Holding the Specialist Health, Safety, and Environment Exhibition at Textile Shimibaft Company

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Holding the Specialist Health, Safety, and Environment Exhibition at Textile Shimibaft Company

The first private interior health, safety, and environmental institute (HSE) of the shimibaft Petrochemical Institute was held on November 29th and 30th at the Concert Hall of the company’s Complex.

According to the Public Relations Department of shimibaft Textile Petrochemical Company, this exhibition, which was first organized among the companies of the Special Economic Zone of Bandar_e_mahshahr, was specially developed and internally in the Textile Company; the photo and equipment for fire and safety, fire extinguishing as well as used equipment In the health and environment unit, the company was exposed to the show of employees, invitees and guests of other regional companies.

According to the report, the exhibition was opened by Shams Engineer Co., and engineer Soleimani, head of the Environmental Bureau of Bandar-e-mahshahr, with the aim of promoting the safety, health and environment culture and encouraging staff to create effective and effective research and development programs in various fields. HSE held.

Also, Engineer Kashkoli, head of the HSE, Mahshahr Special Economic Zone Special Economic Zone, attended the exhibition to highlight the appropriate platform for collaboration between HSE experts inside and outside the tissue chemistry collection.

He also praised the water curtain made by the safety experts of this company while visiting the booth and the fire department, and evaluated this achievement to enhance the company’s HSE.

The heads, supervisors and experts of HSE, Ghadir Petrochemical Organization and Ghadir Petrochemical Company, Chemistry Taka Arya, as well as the Environmental Health Center and the city were among the guests who visited the exhibition during these two days.

At the closing ceremony, the HSE unit and the company’s top safety personnel were honored in 1397 with the award ceremony by the CEO of Chemistry Textile Company.

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