Rafinat1 Feed Shimibaft Petrochemical from Jam Petrochemical

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Rafinat1 Feed Shimibaft Petrochemical from Jam Petrochemical

Managing director of Shimibaft Petrochemical  from the beginning of receiving feed from Rafinat 1 from Jam Petrochemical Co. announced.

According to the Public Relations Department of Shimibaft Petrochemical, engineer Seyyed Mohsen Shams, referring to the company’s goal this year to increase production to reach nominal capacity, said that in order to provide part of the Rafinat 1 feed¬† required by the plant since the beginning of this year with Jam Jam Petrochemical The manufacturer of this feed entered into negotiations and after consulting management and engineering, to provide this feed at a rate of 200 tons a day, the contract was agreed with that company.

Managing director of Shimibaft Petrochemical Co., said: Since the possibility of constructing a tanker loading platform for carrying this feed from Assaluyeh to the factory site of the company was not available at the port of Aziz, therewith, with the approval of the Assaluyeh terminals and tanks, the loading platform at the company’s premises was constructed.

He said about the transfer of food from Assalouyeh to Mahshahr: In this direction, a pipeline with a diameter of 4 inches and 2.5 km in length from the BD Petrochemical Complex Jam was designed and installed at terminals and reservoirs.

Engineer Shams said that the project lasted for 7 months. Despite the sanctions and special considerations of European equipment manufacturers, all the equipment needed was supplied according to the project and after the completion of the project, as well as the possibility of receiving feed According to the contract, a quantity of 100 tons per day can be increased.

Managing director of chemical chemistry at the end of the project, the coordination and cooperation of all decision-makers and managers of NPC companies, Jam Petrochemical Company, Mobin Petrochemical Complex and terminals and reservoirs are the main reasons for completing this project, and from all the directors and effective factors as well as the working group At Shimibaft Textile Company for this issue, we appreciated and thanked for the timely and timely implementation of this project.

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